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We offer a range of services from full project design and delivery, feasibility studies, pre and post installation efficiency monitoring, product sourcing, energy consultation, training and more. Whatever your environment may be, we will find the suitable renewable energy solution that will meet your specific needs.


Photo : CSIR Solar Plant, Pretoria

Through on-site audits and monitoring, understanding behaviour patterns and consumption profiles Summit Renewables aims to achieve environmentally friendly and efficient power usage patterns for our clients.  The modular solution supports the level of sophistication required by each client. This approach ensures peace of mind and critical building blocks for longevity.


Our highly skilled team works closely with our clients to achieve cost effective, reliable renewable energy systems. We are able to assist with design, sourcing, implementation and commissioning of off-grid renewable energy systems from 5kWp domestic DIY applications to multi-Mega Watt commercial installations.


Summit offers pre and/or post installation power monitoring. Through the installation of electronic monitoring equipment we are able to analyse, profile and advise on current consumption patterns. With this knowledge we are able to recommend a solution and/or improved practices that will help you to achieve lower consumption rates and show you how to distribute your energy consumption within the best parameters for your specific tariff structure.


On site assessment by skilled dedicated Summit members will ensure carefully researched solutions defining the feasibility of client's requirement against economic and other constraints.   Our products cover the alternate energy spectrum and include Solar PV, Solar Thermal, water heating, Solar Collectors, Waste to Energy, Biogas, Fireplaces, Solar Caravan, Solar Pool heating, LED, Wind Power, generators and much more. At Summit, we are not product aligned but committed to sourcing and testing the best products available to ensure we exceed the expectations of our valued clients. Let us help you find the best for your budget.


When required, Summit will project manage your undertaking. This includes planning, risk management and mitigation, resource management, budgets and quality control. With a proven track record including domestic, agriculture, and international companies, we are confident we can deliver a quality solution on time and to budget.



Renewable Energy Solutions that will meet your specific needs.



A study to evaluate the performance and efficiency of the Dual Axis Deger Tracker.

17 x Dual axis trackers. 15 Trackers fitted with Solar World 285W Mono modules and 2 trackers fitted with 270W Bisun modules.  Each tracker is fitted with a STP 15000 inverter to allow for generation above STC.

Yield & Performance  |  The 202kW plant is generating between 1600 -1900kWh per day.  A record performance of 2408kWh was recorded in Nov 2016.


Hybrid Grid tied Solution on main ring for own consumption.

The Voortrekker Monument embarked on their renewable energy journey and became one of the first South African historical sites to install renewable energy at their premises.

Yield & Performance  | The 3 x D100 dual axis Trackers were installed and integrated with the main ring of the Monument. The system is a 45kWp hybrid system that is connected to a hybrid inverter and battery, to sustain the standby requirement, with a generator and fuel saving functionality.



Project Portfolio

See more of our Project Portfolio.

Presented here are some of our recent projects throughout South African soil.


“The Deger trackers, fitted with Maximum Light Detection (MLD) sensors tracks the sun and points the solar modules of the system toward the maximum energy point. The MLD sensors continually measures intensity and angle of the incoming light and moves the solar module system into the most advantageous position. The sensors not only takes the solar irradiation into account, but also light that is reflected off water or light-colored rock, or diffused solar irradiation that penetrates the clouds – and does so individually for each system.

What is important here: only those movements that will result in a direct yield increase are carried out. The average day length for the summer months in 2018 in Bloemfontein was 14 hours. As seen in the video the Deger D100 trackers started tracking at 05:15 using its MLD technology to find the first sunrays with the break of day. The tracker stopped tracking at 19:15 which gives you 14 hours of energy generation. The D100 can withstand 10m/s (36 km/h) windspeed on its 72 squares meter module surface – when the windspeed is higher than this the system will go into safety mode and position all the modules in a horizontal plane.

When in safety mode, the system can endure winds of 100km/h. You will see this happening at 16:29 and 17:50 when the windspeed reached a speed higher than 10m/s. This ensures that your system stays safe during high windspeeds.”


Tracking the sun with the unique, patented DEGER Maximum Light Detection (MLD) Technology.


Partnering with DEGER Energie we bring our clients solar tracking systems with the unique, patented “Maximum Light Detection” or MLD technology. The MLD-sensor constantly aligns the connected solar modules to the point that provides the greatest energy and achieves a 42,9% greater yield on average than fixed systems.

Video : 24 Hour Timelapse of DEGER MLD Technology in action at The Central University of Technology (CUT).

This technology can be seen in action in many of our latest projects and is demonstrated in the above video at The Central University of Technology (CUT) in Bloemfontein, Free State.

Summit Renewables is a company established to address the current global need for energy efficiency. Worldwide the need to find better long term and alternative solutions for generating and sustaining energy demands, escalates. With the increase in demand for electricity and the reliance mostly on exhaustible non-renewable resources to produce energy, the demand for sustainable energy continues to grow. Today the world is rapidly moving towards green products and solutions. Summit Renewables consists of a highly technically skilled and experienced team that offers a wide range of services



Photo : Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria


With a proven track record which includes domestic, agriculture & international companies, we are confident we can deliver a quality solution on time and to budget.

Taking energy efficiency to new heights. ”

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Visit our partners in business.

CUT, now home to a world-class solar project.

CUT (The Central University of Technology) embarked on an energy saving journey and is now home to a world-class solar project - “The most efficient of its kind in Africa”.

Summit Renewables : Proudly part of groundbreaking CUT solar project.

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